SR 140 Arnold Mill Road and New Providence Road

In October 2009 the City of Milton received approval from the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to proceed with the process, started by Fulton County, of redesigning this intersection.

Currently the existing intersection of SR 140 Arnold Mill Road and New Providence Road is unsignalized with no dedicated turn lanes. The lack of turning lanes and increasing traffic volumes contribute to congestion along the SR 140 corridor.

The City of Milton has determined that improving the capacity and alleviating congestion at this intersection requires immediate attention and therefore, has given this projects high priority status.

This project consists of improving the skew angle of the intersection, adding dedicated turn lanes and installing a traffic signal. The overall plan for improvements to this intersection can be viewed by clicking HERE. The proposed skew angle of the intersection is 90 degrees. The intersection of the New Providence Road leg shifts west approximately 140′ along SR 140. Left and right turn lanes will be added to both SR 140 and New Providence Road. A mast arm traffic signal system would be installed at the intersection. Further improvements to the project include adding curb and gutter, pedestrian crossings, bike lanes and sidewalks on SR 140 and a multiuse trail on the east side of New Providence Road.

Public Involvement started in January 2010, a series of four Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) meetings were held to discuss project issues and concerns. As a result, a preferred alternative was selected, designed and presented to the public at a Public Information Open House that was held in April 2010.

A Revised Concept Report was approved by GDOT (11/9/10).

The Final Plans (90 MB File) were submitted to GDOT for bidding (2/8/12).

The Right of Way Plans are final (City certified all property was acquired 12/3/12).