SR 372 (Crabapple Road/Birmingham Highway) Intersection Improvements

Status (updated 10/9/18) Project is substantially complete with final punchlist remaining. See OVERALL PLAN WITH STRIPING for project overview.

October 2009 the City of Milton received approval from the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to begin developing a concept for intersection improvements in the area of this intersection. At that time, the Milton Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) was being developed as well as a specific Crabapple Crossroads Transportation Analysis.

As a part of the CTP, a Crabapple Charrette and Crabapple Stakeholder meeting were held for the community in 2009. The Charrette included a work session for participants to develop their vision for future Crabapple. A common theme that emerged was a vehicular bypass around the main intersection. The stakeholder meeting included further discussion on concepts for the vehicular bypass and the Crabapple intersection improvements.

In the spring of 2011, the City commissioned a visioning study for the Crabapple area prepared by Lew Oliver, Inc – Whole Town Solutions to assist in focusing future planning efforts toward a creative and holistic approach to solving the challenges of the Crabapple area.

The proposed improvements as a part of this project include elements from both the Milton Comprehensive Transportation Plan and the City of Milton, Georgia Visioning Study. This project will involve modifications to the road network in the Crabapple area.

Currently the existing intersection of Broadwell Road/Birmingham Highway and Crabapple Road/Mayfield Road is a signalized 4-way intersection of two-lane urban roads. The existing intersection does not have separate left turn lanes. The lack of signalized left turn movements and increasing traffic volumes contribute to congestion in this area. The City of Milton has determined that improving the capacity and alleviating congestion at this intersection requires immediate attention and therefore, has given this projects high priority status.

Proposed improvement alternatives evaluated new alignment roads and turn lanes. The concept development for this project includes exploring various alternatives to improve operations of the facility and surrounding facilities, both existing and under development, in order to have a high degree of confidence that the best alternative is selected. The alternatives evaluated include turn lane improvements at the main intersection and possible bypass routes around the main intersection.

The selected alternative proposed as part of the SR 372 (Crabapple Rd/Birmingham Hwy) Intersection Improvement Project (formerly known as Mayfield at Mid-Broadwell) will address much of the queuing caused by turning vehicles. This project involves improving the existing intersection of SR 372 (Crabapple Road)/Mayfield Road at SR 372 (Birmingham Highway)/Broadwell Road by adding left turn lanes on SR 372 (Crabapple Road/Birmingham Highway) and Broadwell Road; improving the existing intersection of SR 372 (Birmingham Highway) at McFarlin Lane with a single lane roundabout; improving the existing intersection of SR 372 (Crabapple Road) at Crabapple Chase Drive with a single lane roundabout; and improving the typical section and alignment of the existing local roads McFarlin Lane/Parkstead Lane/Branyan Trail from the existing intersection of McFarlin Lane with SR 372 (Birmingham Highway) to the end of existing Branyan Trail and extending the Branyan Trail approximately 500 feet to intersect with SR 372 (Crabapple Road) at Crabapple Chase Drive. The concept level plan of the proposed selected alternative can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Information from the Public Information Open House that was held on September 27, 2011 included: Welcome Letter, Project Description, Project Location, Proposed Project Display

A Concept Report was approved by GDOT (7/12/12).

Right of Way acquisition is complete.

Final Plans (Plan View Sheets and Signing and Marking Sheets) are complete and the project was let on 10/16/15.

GDOT awarded bid to Baldwin Paving Company on 12/7/15, contract is expected to be executed Jan 2016 and construction should begin early 2016.