Completed Projects

Deerfield Parkway and Webb Road
Status (updated 10/5/16) Construction is complete

Cogburn Road Sidewalks
Status (updated 10/5/16) Construction is complete

SR 372 Birmingham Highway and Providence/New Providence Road
Status (updated 08/27/15) Construction is complete

SR 140 Arnold Mill Road and New Providence Road
Status (updated 09/05/14) GDOT awarded the construction contract to CMES, Inc. in the amount of $1,161,626.92. Construction is complete.

Hopewell/Francis Road at Cogburn/Hopewell Road
Status (updated 09/05/14) Construction is complete.

Deerfield Parkway at Morris Road
Status (updated 1/27/14) Construction is complete.

Bethany Bend at Cogburn Road
Status (updated 10/19/12) Construction is complete