Birmingham Road at Hopewell Road

This intersection was identified in the Milton Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) as a key intersection improvement.

This project consists of public involvement, concept development, preliminary/final design construction plans, and right-of-way plans for intersection improvements.

The project is scheduled to release the construction bid February 2, 2015. Bids will be due on March 3, 2015. Construction is expected to begin in April 2015.

Public Involvement is complete. A Public Information Open House was held on Wednesday, November 14, 2012. Click HERE to view the alternatives, simulations, and meeting announcement.

The concept phase is complete and includes data collection, traffic analysis, improvement scenarios, project survey, concept plan, public outreach findings, and recommended alternatives. Click HERE to view the final concept report.

After the public involvement period and concept development, the roundabout alternative was selected as the recommended alternative for intersection improvements at this location.

The City has developed Final Right of Way Plans (5 MB) and Final Construction Plans (33 MB) for the project.