This website is a communication tool for intersection improvement and other transportation related projects in the City of Milton. The following projects are in various stages of concept development, design, right of way, and construction.

With 7 operational roundabouts and more coming, please take a minute to review how to navigate a multi-lane roundabout in this WisDOT Roundabout Educational Video.


Bethany Road at Providence Road
More Information Coming Soon

Big Creek Greenway Trail Connection
Status (updated 8/6/20) Concept update underway

Birmingham Road Middle Bridge
More Information Coming Soon

Cogburn  Road Sidewalks
Status (updated 8/6/20) Construction bidding underway

Crabapple Road Pedestrian and Streetscape
Status (updated 8/6/20) Phase 1 Heritage Walk Raised Crosswalks/Speed Tables were installed spring 2019. Meetings with property owners and GDOT are underway as part of the planning for phase 2 Crabapple Road Streetscape.

Former Milton Country Club Trail
Status (updated 8/6/20) Construction document preparation underway

Freemanville Road at Birmingham Road
Status (updated 8/6/20) Design is underway

Freemanville Road at Redd Road
More Information Coming Soon

Hopewell Road at Bethany Bend/Bethany Way
Status (updated 8/6/20) Final design and right of way acquisition is underway. Construction bidding planned for fall 2020.

Hopewell Road at Hamby Road
Notice to Proceed with construction issued 11/24/20

Hopewell Road at Thompson Road
Notice to Proceed with construction issued 11/24/20

Morris Road Improvements
Status (updated 9/25/20) Concept update is underway

SR 140 (Arnold Mill Road) at Green Road
More Information Coming Soon

SR 9 (Alpharetta Highway) at Bethany Bend
Status (updated 6/28/16) Concept study was approved by GDOT. Signal revision has been submitted to GDOT for approval to implement in 2020.

Bridges and Stormwater Projects

Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) Programs and Projects