This website is a communication tool for intersection improvement and other transportation related projects in the City of Milton. The following projects are in various stages of concept development, design, right of way, and construction.

With 4 operational roundabouts and more coming, please take a minute to review how to navigate a multi-lane roundabout in this WisDOT Roundabout Educational Video.


Crabapple Road Pedestrian and Streetscape
Status (updated 4/10/18) Concept Development

Freemanville at Birmingham
Status (updated 6/6/18) Awaiting TSPLOST funding to update concept plan

Freemanville at Providence
Status (updated 8/15/18) Construction clearing began 8/3/18. Relocation of utilities must be completed before intersection improvements can begin.

Hopewell Road at Bethany Bend/Bethany Way
Status (updated 10/23/18) Concept development is being finalized and design is beginning

Hopewell Road at Hamby Road
Status (updated 10/9/18) Design is underway

Hopewell Road at Thompson Road
Status (updated 10/9/18) Design is underway

Morris Road Improvements
Status (updated 10/8/18) Morris Road at Webb Road intersection improvement complete, further improvement concept in development

Northeast Crabapple Connector Road with Intersection Improvements at Charlotte Drive and Mayfield Road
Status (updated 10/18/18) Right of way acquisition underway and project is out to bid for construction

SR 372 (Crabapple Road/Birmingham Highway) Intersection Improvements
Status (updated 8/15/18) Heritage Walk is open and estimated project completion is October 2018. See OVERALL PLAN WITH STRIPING for project overview.

SR 9 (Alpharetta Highway) at Bethany Bend
Status (updated 6/28/16) Concept study was approved by GDOT. GDOT is reviewing signal modification plans to implement in 2018

Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) Programs – These updates are based on the latest information received from GDOT and are subject to change as GDOT is the project sponsor and determines the scope, schedule, and budget.
Status (updated 10/18/18) GDOT has a program for operational improvements such as turn lane additions that can be implemented in a short period of time and for under $200k. There are 2 projects in the City of Milton that are being implemented through this program. Funding beyond the quick response improvements at these locations has not yet been identified but further improvements were recommended in the Milton Comprehensive Transportation Plan. The projects are:(1) S015040 Installing a 500 foot dedicated left turn lane on SR 372/Crabapple Road Northbound to Green Road; (2) S015041 Installing a left turn lane on SR 372/Birmingham Highway Northbound to Batesville Road. As GDOT was preparing to begin the Green Road project, the City of Milton was able to work out additional improvements as part of that project to create a Florida T type intersection and separate turn lanes on Green Road. With this intersection control, the left turn off Green Road only yields to Crabapple Road westbound thru and eastbound left turn. Also Green Road is proposed to have separate left and right turn lanes for 100 feet. GDOT has approved the design and the contractor is beginning work Layout.

Status (updated 11/15/18) The GDOT Operational Improvement Program provides “Quick Fix” projects to improve operations. Once an Operational Improvement Idea has been recognized, analyzed, and considered to be a viable improvement, it passes through the Operational Improvement Committee for approval. At the October 2018 Operational Improvement Committee meeting, intersection improvements at SR 372/Birmingham Highway at Hickory Flat Road/Birmingham Road was approved by GDOT to move forward as a project with funding. The concept presented was a mini roundabout (approximately 85′ diameter with mountable center island and outside truck aprons around the corners. The next steps for GDOT are to create a project number and transition the project to the GDOT Office of Program Delivery to set the schedule and begin the project. The funding for design is in FY 19 (7/1/18-6/30/19) and it is likely the construction funding will be in FY 21 (7/1/20-6/30/21) but that is subject to change once more details are gathered. The City is working with GDOT to stay involved and updated on the progress and project development.