This website is a communication tool for intersection improvement and other transportation related projects in the City of Milton. The following projects are in various stages of concept development, design, right of way, and construction.

With 3 operational roundabouts and more coming, please take a minute to review how to navigate a multi-lane roundabout in this WisDOT Roundabout Educational Video.


Northeast Crabapple Connector Road with Intersection Improvements at Charlotte Drive and Mayfield Road
Status (updated 1/5/18) Design underway

Crabapple  Pedestrian Improvements                                                                                             Status (updated 4/10/18) Concept Development

SR 372 (Crabapple Road/Birmingham Highway) Intersection Improvements
Status (updated 4/20/18) The GDOT Crabapple project has scheduled night paving work on both roundabouts beginning 7 PM Tuesday, April 24, 2018 weather permitting. The plan is to complete the night work by 5 AM Friday morning, April 27, 2018. The work is scheduled for the hours of 7 PM to 5 AM. This work will complete the paving for stage 3 of the Crabapple roundabout and stage 1 of the Birmingham roundabout as can be seen on the PROJECT CONSTRUCTION STAGING exhibit. The remaining work on the Crabapple roundabout will be installation of lights, concrete islands, and sidewalk. The upcoming work on the Birmingham roundabout will include shifting traffic to the stage 1 side of the roundabout to construct the west side then transitioning into roundabout configuration. The final project stage will include work at the traffic signal and turn lanes. There is also an upcoming signage change that will be timed with the opening of the Heritage Walk leg of the Crabapple roundabout. The temporary stop signs on Heritage Walk at Itaska Walk will be removed. Itaska Walk will remain stop controlled but Heritage Walk will no longer stop. More information on the signage change will be provided with a date in the next weeks. Estimated project completion is June 2018. See OVERALL PLAN WITH STRIPING for project overview.

Big Creek Greenway Connection Concept Study
Status (updated 6/28/16) Concept report has been approved by GDOT

Freemanville at Birmingham and Providence
Status (updated 4/20/18) Freemanville at Providence construction bids were received and construction is planned to begin summer 2018, Freemanville at Birmingham awaiting TSPLOST funding to update concept plan

SR 9 (Alpharetta Highway) at Bethany Bend
Status (updated 6/28/16) Concept study was approved by GDOT. GDOT is reviewing signal modification plans to implement in 2017

Crabapple Streetscape
Status (updated 11/29/17) The City of Milton issued a Notice to Proceed to Excellere Construction LLC on 11/17/17. Work will begin late November and should be completed by late March 2018.

Hopewell Road at Bethany Bend/Bethany Way
Status (updated 01/27/14) Concept alternatives were presented at the August 12, 2013 Council Work Session. Draft concept report is available.