This website is a communication tool for intersection improvement and other transportation related projects that Consultants are developing for the City of Milton. The City and has tasked Consultants to provide planning and engineering services for the following projects:

SR 372 Birmingham Highway and Providence/New Providence Road
Status (updated 02/13/15) GDOT has awarded the construction contract to Bartow Paving Company, Inc. in the amount of $2,576,297.45. Roundabout is open, but please keep in mind that this is not the completion of the project, there will be some future lane closures and traffic interruptions until this project is completed. Weekly construction updates are provided HERE.

SR 372 (Crabapple Road/Birmingham Highway) Intersection Improvements (Formerly Known As Mayfield Road at Mid Broadwell Road)
Status (updated 02/13/15) Right of way acquisition underway. Construction is scheduled to begin late summer/fall 2015.

Birmingham Road at Hopewell Road
Status (updated 02/13/15) Project is out to bid for construction. Bids due March 3, 2015. Construction is scheduled to begin spring 2015.

Hopewell Road at Bethany Bend/Bethany Way
Status (updated 1/27/14) Concept alternatives were presented at the August 12, 2013 Council Work Session. Draft concept report is available.

SR 9 (Alpharetta Highway) at Bethany Bend
Status (updated 06/03/14) Concept study is being finalized

Crabapple Streetscape
Status (updated 06/03/14) Developing preliminary plans.

Freemanville at Birmingham and Providence
Status (updated 02/13/15) Concept study is being finalized



SR 140 Arnold Mill Road and New Providence Road
Status (updated 09/05/14) GDOT awarded the construction contract to CMES, Inc. in the amount of $1,161,626.92. Construction is complete.

Hopewell/Francis Road at Cogburn/Hopewell Road
Status (updated 09/05/14) Construction is complete.

Deerfield Parkway at Morris Road
Status (updated 1/27/14) Construction is complete.

Bethany Bend at Cogburn Road
Status (updated 10/19/12) Construction is complete